Palm Oil Production & Supply

100% Pure HIGH-QUALITY PALM OIL in Nigeria

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Sero Palm Oil

Supply of high quality palm oil at wholesale price

SERO PAlM OIL (SPO) is a company focused in palm oil production and supply in Nigeria. Our palm oil is fresh from the factory, it’s considered as best and high premium quality, very pure and neat, odorless, no mixing. Our products come with a long lifespan warranty. It’s best for consumption such as cooking, toasting, and frying.

What we do

We supply our palm oil nationwide to resellers and companies. We deliver to all location in Nigeria. Our customers have the largest customer base because we ensure they get best palm oil quality. We don’t compromise on quality this is why we stand out as No1 in palm oil production and sales in Nigeria.  Our price is unbeatable and our palm oil quality is top-notch. We offer sample products for vendors who intend to get very large quantities. We’re also available for international supply contracts.


Product Quality
Palm Oil 100%
Wholesale Price
Palm oil 100%
Fast Delivery
Paml Oil 99%
Customer Support
Customer care 99%